2007 Canadian Folk Music Award - Best Childen's Album

2007 Western Canadian Music Award - Outstanding Children's Release

2007 Parents' Choice and North American Parenting Publications (NAPPA) Honors Awards

These 13 tuneful tales for kids and kin will appeal to the whole family. Many of these songs grew up with Pied Pumkin's children and now are leaving home to discover new imagine nations. Shari tells the story of learning to play violin in ANNABELLE'S FIDDLE and celebrates her home on BOWEN ISLAND. Joe delights with the uptempo WE'RE HAVING A PARTY, WHEN THE BELL RINGS  and the French nonsense song AMANDINE. Rick offers pumkinized versions of his much requested ELEPHANT RIDE and the lively lullabye LITTLE TAI.  Special guest Fred Penner sings on UPSIDE OF DOWN / BON COTE DE DOWN,  the theme song for the 2006 World Congress on Down Syndrome.

Parents' Choice says, "Songs fueled by heart and delivered via standpout vocal harmonies and acoustic instruments add up to listening pleasure for ears of any age."     

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Pied Pumkin / Pied Pear Recordings

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PLUCKING deVINE (Pied Pumkin) CD - features 14 songs from four Pied Pumkin albums made between 1974 and 1980.  Tunes- I Believe / Kooteny Bark
De Fiddle Medley / You Can Change the World / People I Love You / There Twas Her Tam / Bless the Kind Heart / Fear of Flying / Yo De Do Do / The Juggler and the Fawn / Doin' the One Time / Tree / St. Christopher / Mushroom Madrigal. For more information from the authors



PIED ALIVE (Pied Pumkin) CD 13 songs recorded live in 9 communities during the Pumkin's hugely successful 33 concert 1999 Western Canada Tour. Newcastle, Gabriola, Denman and Lasquetti Islands, Cobble Hill, Victoria, Port Moody, Salmon Arm and the Vancouver East Cultural Centre serve as settings for dynamic musical polaroids from B.C.'s beloved minstrels. Dulcimer, guitar , violin, flute, piano and mandolin combine in a smorgasbord of folk, rock, jazz, blues and country.

Pumkin classics Mixall Lake and Lotus Eaters Blues join the more recent War Is Over Overture, Pickin' Country and Lost Soul Man. There's sweet irony in tunesmith Mock's One of The Few Times and tender philosophy in Miz Shari's Turning. Jester Rick's Little Bit O' Good is a toe tapping invocation to dance. Joe leads Black Dog into a raging canine jam, Cuckoo invokes tradition while Lox Breakdowns calls up gypsies. The absurdly profound folk opera Orville Goes To The Country is wacky new age musical theatre - Shari's gargle alone is worth the price of admission! If you were in the cheering, foot- stomping audience you may even hear yourself on this album! As a grand finale, the band leads the audience in a parade out of the hall into the Newcastle night with the irresistible singalong Oohlahey, reprised by a rapturous crowd from Lasqueti Island. For more informarion from the authors http://www.cdbaby.com/piedpumkin2

PIED PUMKIN STRING ENSEMBLE: (Pied Pumkin) Recorded live at Simon Frasier University in the pub with inebriate ambiance that grows too familiar after the 100th listening. Regardless, this is the 'sine qua non' of their recording debut. No chicken.....no Egg. It is hot and touted by many fans to be the most definitive of a Pumkin Evening. TUNES: Orville goes to the country / Kootenay Bark / I Believe / Medley / Long and Lonely / Ming 14 / You Can Change the World / People I Love You

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PIED PUMKIN ALLAH MODE: (Pied Pumkin) ALBUM VINYL Half recorded at Pinewood Studio and half live at the Vancouver Playhouse. Three tunes from the evening were having their world premier. The performance of 'Flying' by Shari Ulrich, accompanied by piano and dulcimer, is felt by many to be the best rendering of the composition to date. A truely memorable evening. TUNES: Lotus Eaters Blues / Sundial / There Twas Her Tam / Bless the Kind Heart / A Fear of Flying / Swing's Da Ting / The juggler & The Fawn / Yo De Do Do

THE PEAR OF PIED PUMKIN: (Pied Pear) ALBUM YINYL The duo assumes electronic disguise to introduce us to what they sounded like when they combined with musical friends to perform a rare club gig (sometimes called Pied Pig or The Beer Garden Orchestra). But they could not help but perform ''Eliza'' in context of their acoustic roots. Will the real Pied Pear please stand up. TUNES; No. 5 Orange / Caught in the Rain / Middle of Nowhere / Mushroom Madribal / Eliza / The Dynamite Band / No. 1 Son / Fool For the Blues / Holy Angel

THE PIED PEAR: ALBUM VINYL A musical dream come true of what the tunes would sound like on stage if you had one of these and three of those all in different colors. Tunes normally played on dulcimer and guitar or piano are dressed in an array of arrangements and orchestration that goes from folk to rock, from R&B to Classic. Shari Ulrich makes a guest appearance. And don't miss the ''Ölympic Dream Game" which to this day still holds satirical torch to Sports, Nationalism and Politics TUNES: Olympic Dream Game / Mt. McKinley / Salt My Song / St Christopher / Dancing When H e Did / Doin' the One Time / Tree / Abraham, Martin an' Fabalotus / Tapioca Pudding

THE LOST SQUASH TAPES (Pied Pumkin) Cassette

When the Pumkin had their reunion tour of 1998, it was accompanied be the discovery of a cellar of recordings long forgotten. TUNES: D'sonoqua / Crystal Clog / It's Only Words / Mr Phenny Meets Willy the Worm / Oh Lord Pardon Me. . ./ Here Comes My Baby / Zimbimbadi's Blues / Chicken Finger Ramble / Hopi Hum / Canafiddle


An example of what happened when the duo created a show for children in Elementary Schools and the delightful participation that ensued. The sound of children in laughter and song is guaranteed to bring a smile. TUNES: Walk Right In / Marty / The Fox / The Billboard Song / Candy Man / Laundry Bags / Ring The Bell / Christmas Message to All my Buddies on Mars A.K.A. Ho Ho Ho / We're Having a Party / Col. Wizz's Country Cornflakes


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Pied Pumkin, Box 152 Bowen Island, BC, Canada, V0N 1G0

Vinyl can be order through http://www.dandylionrecords.com/pied_pumkin.htm

.Produce is also available at all concerts or ask your local record store to order it from Outside Music.

Plucking Divine CD : by credit card http://www.cdbaby.com/piedpumkin1

 Excellent collection
Reviewer: Middle-Aged Kootenay Guy
When my hair was down to my elbows Pied Pumkin provided the best live show in the Kootenays, with superb musicianship and constant good humour. This cd reflects those attributes. I highly recommend it to all. Although it would be good to have Orville on it... (. . . .available on Pied Alive)

(4/5 Stars)  Almost perfect sampling of their repertoire
Reviewer: Harfang
This CD is missing a couple of what I think are vital Pied picks... um, pieces? (no pun intended -- oh nvm :P ). You should get the CD if you like US and/or Canadian folk, at all, of any sort. If you find that you like the band you are strongly encouraged to purchase the band's LPs from Shari Ulrich's or Rick Scott's website, and also the live CD-only 2001 album, which you can get very quickly and with much love from this lovely site right here.

(4/5 Stars)  Reviewer:
This CD brought back fond memories of the concerts at SFU and seeing them at Greenpeace benefits etc. The sound was great. Overall I am very pleased with this CD

Pied Alive CD:by credit card http://www.cdbaby.com/piedpumkin2

These recordings of raw pumkin (or, as Joe says, "audio verité"), were chosen from the spring 1999 tour of BC Canada. They are a collection of songs nurtured in hearts over time, grown and growing in the gradens of the Canadian West Coast...filled with image and inspiration in tribute to special people, places and events...from the islands of BC, across (as Rick says), the "Rocky Modal Mountains," to Northern Alberta. If you were there, this recording should bring back fond memories of a fine evening together. If not, may it welcome you to the world of the Pumkin.

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