"Pied Pumkin a national treasure. The world needs Pied Pumkin now more than ever. Folk concert rating: 10 peace signs out of 10". Peter Rusland- News Leader

There aren't too many musical legends in this country, but The Pied Pumkin String Ensemble is one. The Pumkin is an essential part of the history of folk music in Canada, as important to their branch of the genre as Ian Tyson or Valdy or Lightfoot or Mitchell are to theirs. And even more significantly - they are still a total riot in concert! Jack Cole - The old Chestnut Song Circle

"The Lotus Eaters blues band, the lost soul singers of the rain forest, mushroom madrigal mayhem with strings. . .They inspired a generation to make another generation of folkies." Steve Edge - The Rogue Folk

Okanagan Children’s Festival director Gord Osland calls PUMKIDS, The best new music show for children I have seen for many years, created by some of the best musicians and performers Canada has ever produced. The songs are masterfully crafted, the musicianship is superb and the choreography delightfully engaging.”

Saskatoon’s Joanne James says,I would give them (Pumkids) a ten. Their fun-loving and upbeat songs had young and old captivated and smiling ear to ear. Their show is one of the very best productions I have ever presented.”


They launch into a fast-paced jig from the old days and the room rise to its feet. For thenext two hours, hardly anybody sits down. I remember them from SFU,"a hairy gentleman tells a group of teens with pierced tongues. They're still the tightest band I've ever seen." The teens agree. "They kick butt,"says one young man in baggy pants. - Alexandra Gill - The Globe and Mail

Scott's gurning and vaudeville flourishes have been augmented by his work as a children's entertainer, and his Pete Townsend-style attacks on his dulcimer still send charges of energy through the dance floor -Verne McDonald / Georgia Straight - Photo taken by Judy Weiser

''Pied Pumkin swings for a new generation" The Province

. . the most original, the most spirited expression of West Coast culture since Emily Carr' - Bob Bosin - McCleans Magazine

Shari Ulrich sang two songs from her upcoming album Every Road, substantiating her emergence as Canada' leading "lady of song - Sean Rooney / Nelson Daily News

She often stood on one foot as her muse fiddled perilously close to the edge and when she sang her power grew before your eyes. R Scott / Common Ground - photo by V. Hennell

''Pumkins still in a mighty groove''-Roger Levesques - Edmonton Journal

"Pied Pumkin String Ensemble is as fresh, vibrant and vital as it was in its glorious heyday" - Robert Reid -Record Staff

Mock has honed his gifts as a guitarist to the point where such songs as Black Dog are transformed into stunning, free-form jazz essays. Robert Reid - Record Staff

''Popular band of the 70's is suddenly piping hot again'' - Times Colonist

''Pumkins still in a mighty groove''-Roger Levesques - Edmonton Journal






"They rocked, they (Pied Pear) hypnotised, the celebrated, they stole their way into the emotions of their captive audience. A most delightful evening and a good time for all. We want more, more, more. . ."Ed Ladeur - The Nechako Chronicle

''The best night of music I have ever experienced, bar none'' - Sean Rooney - old Pumkin fan

''Some of the most beautiful music I have ever heard. Please come back soon" - young Pumkin fan

" I DO recall your (1976? 77?) Pied Pumkin Ottawa concert at the folk fest in the park adjacent to Carleton U. on the Rideau River. You guys came on last and held 5,000 people spellbound for 90 magical minutes....coupla encores and a massive standing O. Being a B.C. boy, I was already a fan and was so proud that such talented folk from my neck of the woods were headlining the Ottawa Folk Festival and bringing down the house." ". . .my prof was there too....he wasn't really a J prof, more of a renaissance man who was teaching us Reporting the Arts (imagine a wild-eyed, red-bearded Irishman, a sometimes-actor & broadcaster with shoulder-length red hair and a healthy disrespect for authority.) A worldly fellow, a bit jaded.....well, HE was mightily impressed with the evening's Pumkin magic (are you guys related to the little folk by any chance?). I remember thinking, hey if PP can reach that hardened, hardy ol' soul, they can reach anybody." - Tom Little

NAME DROPPING - Have had the honor of being stage with - Elvis Presley's Sun Rhythm Section / Pete Seegar / Elizabeth Cotton / Stan Rogers

OPENING ACT FOR - Doug Kershaw / JJ Cale / Vassar Clements / Doc Watson / Goose Creek Symphony / Earl Scruggs Review / Bonnie Raitt / Jesse Collin Young / Valdy / Jose Feliciano . . .